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Colombia is One of the Most
Biodiverse Countries on Earth

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Colombia Easy Travels - The natural and cultural regions of Colombia are territorial divisions that divide the country into six major geographical areas: Pacific, Orinoco, Insular, Caribbean, Andean and Amazonian. These six regions are distributed along the more than one million square kilometers that Colombia has, and run through the 32 departments of the country, many of them located between more than one natural region.

Colombia has approximately 1900 bird species, more birds than any other country in the world and this number is growing every year through new discoveries and range extensions. The security situation has improved greatly in the past decade and most areas of the country are now stable and safe to visit. However, although there is so much to observe and discover. It is impossible to cover all the nature and cultural regions of this amazing country on one trip, though you can only hope to sample its extraordinary diversity a single trip.

April 30, 2019

Here’s Why Colombia is One of the Most Biodiverse Countries on Earth

Here’s Why Colombia is One of the Most Biodiverse Countries on Earth National Geographic once stated that “if earth’s biodiversity were a country, it could be called […]

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  • Dana Gardner y Michael Chinn
    We had a fantastic birding adventure with Juan Lopez Zuluaga. He was great at logistics. Lost luggage? He tracked down and collected our bags without losing any birding time. The hotel that bungled our reservations? He smoothly fixed our lodging problems. And he was great at guiding. He knows the birds' habits and calls. He found plenty of rare and hard-to-find birds for us. We highly recommend him for your birding trip to Colombia. Dana Gardner
    Dana Gardner y Michael Chinn
  • Glenn Bartley, Canada, 2019
    I cannot say enough good things about the services of Juan from Colombia Easy Travels. For each of my 4 visits to Colombia I have worked with Juan. He is an excellent driver. Speaks good English. Is kind and fun to spend time with. And he knows the birds EXTREMELY well. If you are planning an individual or small group trip to Colombia you will be glad you chose Juan and Colombia Easy Travels.
    Glenn Bartley, Canada, 2019
  • As a travel writer and avid birdwatcher, I have traveled throughout Colombia many times. I hire Juan to guide me because he is very reliable and knows Colombia like" the back of his hand". His knowledge of birds and love for his country always adds a richness to my Colombian experiences.
    Ann Bush.