About us

We are an innovative way to easily enjoy this megadiverse paradise. We can do it, simply!

Juan lopez Zuluaga , Manager and tour leader of, Colombia easy travels, He has been exploring Colombia for several years, He had a keen interest in learning about his country’s many cultures as well as its biological and geographical richness.

the passion and love for his country and nature, have led him to explore places that were previously impossible to do, but thanks to the peace and security that is lived in Colombia the last years, our own and foreigners can enjoy this mega-diverse paradise .
Colombia easy travels is a new and unique idea of tourism in Colombia, never seen before. We have enough knowledge and experience about biodiversity and the great variety of culture that we have in all the regions of Colombia, which guarantees to make your trip unique and unforgettable, with the advantage that you can choose and design your own itinerary, just tell us how, when and where ... we can do it, simply!